Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maiden Philosophy

*Yet another section of the book I wrote some time ago.  I used different types of poetry to describe different people and aspects of my life.  This type of expressed my personal contemplations and the concept outlined here is something that I saw from my infancy and immediately knew was wrong about the general way the world thinks.  Often the world teaches us fear and pessimism, and that treating others badly to make ourselves appear better is the only way to survive.  I set out on a mission to use my life in a way that might prove this concept wrong and trust that God would sustain me in any risk I took toward this end.

I once believed that life was just a curse
And wrenched your soul in anguish til you paid
The utmost farthing, ne'er my mind had laid
Upon the thought that in great heaven's purse
Was true reward that faithfulness in pain
Drew claims of joy from God's almighty hand,
Procuring sweetness in a promised land
And refuge in the drops of healing rain.
I asked the wise, "What does one do?" to keep
Safe harbor in this life.  He quick replied
"Look to yourself and your uncertainties
And thrash the living man before your feet
Else he with hatred turns your sins to meet
The eyes of they who mock impurities."
I listened with heart fit to break in staunch
Unwillingness to see the wisdom there
And give my soul to dank and cold despair
In seeking joy and faith my soul to launch
Into the azure heights of light and hope.
Within that realm I saw my soul recoil
From pessimism envious to spoil
And in my pain I sought a way to cope.

The one bright thought which flew into my mind
To prove them wrong, the elder set of friends
To prove that when the grievous journey ends
Fate shall reward the just and crown the kind.
Then set I out on life's rough road to go
And in my heart a hope, a faith and light
For all mankind - that life might prove a blight
No more and stain upon the wounded foe
Might beg the generosity of soul
In deep forgiveness and the mighty goal
Of peace in spite of anger from the row
Might settle on a sick and stricken heart.