Saturday, March 1, 2014

Man of Light

* I wrote this in connection with a book I penned some time ago and which I have not shown until now.  It is a book of my personal history with the trials I have faced and how I have grown because of them.   This describes a person I met several years ago who was an amazing person but his moral decency earned him disrespect from his associates.  To those who do rightly and yet feel that their efforts are unappreciated, perhaps someone is writing poetry somewhere about the example you have set for them.

And when I thought all hope was lost and vain
I glancéd up and held a stranger in my view
Of bright appearance.  Ne'er thought I to gain
Observance in the sight of one so true

In soul of majesty and nature pure
Whose masculinity so rare portrayed
That in this evil world one could be sure
That light in man endured, though much betrayed

For others saw and scorned his soul to shame
And my heart grieved that this man's love and mind
Should be so judged and set to reckless blame.
I sought with desperation peace to find

For when such decency inspired hate
I could not help but mourn the human fate.