Thursday, March 6, 2014


* God often answers my prayers by the words that scribble themselves down from my pen as I write poetry.  I had been extremely fearful, depressed, doubtful, frustrated, mistrusting and the like when an overwhelming urge sat me down and all but forced me to take up some writing.  I was determined to stick to my depressed and miserable emotions when it seemed a Higher Force took me and gave me no choice but to write what you see here.  The final stanza is too personal and an answer to some soul wrenching questions so I do not include it in this publicly read blog.

Once within a garden blooming
Light and blessings all consuming
Lord my Savior here entombing
And I trust His mighty hand.

Knowing that He loves me ever
Doubting grace and virtue never
Ties to sin eternal sever
Now He lends me strength to stand.

Opened grave proves now fulfilling
After blood from Master spilling
Love and sweetness in me thrilling,
Rest I now in Holy Land.

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