Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sushi and a Side of Poetry

*I wrote this on something of a whim, looking back across my life over a plateful of salmon rolls.  We all are here to learn and progress, finding great joy and strength.  I was born pretty pessimistic in many ways and have learned to be a bit better at seeing the glorious blessings around me.

In spring I never saw the flowers bloom
Or heard the sweet birds warbling
Indeed, I never saw the sun fair shine
Nor listened to the bubbling stream.

The poems etched upon my heart
Wore blackened aspect.  Mournful sound
Deep echoed through the silent soul
Before I stepped on lighted ground.

But here I look around my life
By blesséd sunlight's golden kiss
Bestrewing joy on every side
And leading weary soul to bliss. 

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