Thursday, March 6, 2014

Visions in the Sky

*Although I had previously considered the idea of this poem I felt I was not prepared to write it last night when God urged me to sit down and take up my pencil in a session of mighty prayer.  I sat helplessly, praying that if God wanted me to write it He would have to write it for me.  Ideas poured into my mind and the pencil started moving.  I wrote somewhat reluctantly at first, not trusting where this poem would lead me, but by the end it was writing itself as I hung breathlessly on its coattails.  

In winds that brushed horizon's face
I lookéd toward the wayward sky.
The clouds that danced in sunset's hue
Proclaimed a truth from up on high.

Within its canvas sweet unleashed
A face arose in heaven's breast.
A man's bright image came to view
And soothed away my soul's distress.

Whose was the face? I wonderéd
And stood unsure of my lone fate,
Petitioned God to make life clear
Then watched as clouds' most gentle slate

Dispersed and gave me ample view
Of universe' stars twinkling.
There in its midst I saw at last
A lesser god and mighty king

Whose name commended to my mind
In saintlike rev'rence.  Here the stars
Created motion in the night
To make his visage.  Mighty Mars

Might pale in bleak comparison
To this man's fame and beauty, grace
With heaven's joy and gratitude
Which overcame all time and space.

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