Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shattered Chains

*I wrote this some time ago, just scribbling one night after an intense emotional release, hardly knowing what I wrote.  I suppose the man might be the Savior Jesus Christ, save I have never heard of Him bedecked in black.  It's one of my favorite, most pensive colors, so that might be the explanation, I suppose. 
I walk along a tight rope chain
And shackles clang around my feet.
Tomorrow’s prospects seems so dim,
Hope stifled by the world’s conceit
And tarnished goals, dank, ill and weak
With base diversions as its prize

And struggling faith, so innocent

Learns sadness and such things despise.

But here a man stands paramount,

Bedecked in black and quietude

Doth permeate with grace the air

Serenity, and does exude

A gentle sweetness – shackles fall

To my surprise, exhausted frame,

I faint into his warm embrace

Awake, arise and speak his name. 

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