Sunday, April 27, 2014

Timeless Miracles

I have of late considered the power of the good people do long after the deed is done and how the light and influence our positive actions have long after we have moved on in life.  Last week a cassette tape fell into my hands after years of my assuming it was lost (to the teenagers reading this blog post, a cassette tape is...never mind.  That was from way before youtube and ipods.)  It was a recording of my aunt's ex husband singing the beautiful gospel music he wrote when I was a mere babe in the cradle.  His expressive voice has always touched me deeply and the power and light of his music proves exceedingly close to my heart.  

Please allow me to explain what happened in the years between the time that recording occurred and now.  After he wrote and recorded these beautiful lyrics and melodies he came face to face with a trial that seemed to him beyond insurmountable and at least in part due to that trial he renounced the faith that inspired these heart rending songs.  But earlier this afternoon, in the heat of a very painful trial of my own, I found myself in my room facing a tremendous amount of fear, pain, depression and consuming rage.  In an effort to distract myself and steal me a while from my own company I desperately forced myself on my feet and with my last ounce of strength hit the play button on the tape player that sat upon my desk.  I had no idea where the tape would begin playing but the first words that greeted my stricken ears were, "Fear not, little children."  Other lyrics in the same song include "The Savior will be with you through the darkness of the night" and it ends with the idea that nothing can "separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."  A voice from the past rang beautifully into my pained and anguished heart when I most needed it from a man who no longer believed the inspired message he had given me. 

My dear friends, sometimes we cannot see or comprehend the good that we do.  Sometimes it seems that all our efforts are fruitless and that God does not bring to pass miracles through the things we do.  Perhaps we may think that our words, our actions, and our good deeds go unnoticed but I can promise you that no good work is ever wasted.  More than twenty years after the fact and unknown to him at the time, this man's sacred music continues to inspire and reaches into the saddened heart of a fellow disciple of Jesus Christ, helping to give her courage to stand up and face those agonizing tests of faith that we so often encounter in this veil of tears.  I feel sweetly and happily grateful to God and to him for the timely and powerful aid they worked together to render me.

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