Saturday, May 3, 2014

Becoming Royalty

A shipwrecked mariner finding the only tangible life upon which his hand ever laid destroyed and himself struggling on a tempestuous sea fights and swims guided by God given starlight toward an unchartered continent.  He knows not where his destination lies nor how far he must thrash against the implacable force of Davy Jones but though thirst becomes his daily lot and the muscle fibers ache and burn from superhuman exertion he clings to the mercy of He who created the earth and all the peace and difficulties therein.  Driftwood occasionally meets his wearied limbs and he finds mild hope of repose in brief and well earned snatches but every time the wood eventually crumbles and the fathoms claim him again.

Years pass and though the water is deeper it becomes more mild and though shoreline still remains beyond sight or sign his body has become powerful and more capable of overcoming the physical strain and his faith proves more profound than the ocean beneath his muscle clad frame.

Late in the ebony of a starless night he raises his head from his salty prison and glimpses finally the distant miracle of a lighthouse.  The sand disturbs his astonished feet and he stumbles forward, uncertain how to maintain a vertical position and in a dreamlike trance he finds the erstwhile agonizing waves pushing him toward safety and a relaxation he had quite forgotten.  Dizziness overcomes his senses and with his last stream of consciousness he steps upon dry land.

Bright aurora stirs him with her gentle soothing warmth and recalls him not only from slumber but the walking death of his former life.  His vision clears at last to reveal a multitude crowding his form, which in awe of his physique, passionate inner strength, unshakable faith and unimpeachable wisdom, kneels at his feet and names him its king.

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