Sunday, May 25, 2014

Explain This Scientifically

My gentle reader of course must comprehend that my mind has continually been on the topic of turning the intellectual tables in the sense that the though scientists, atheists, and the like tend to spew forth accusations of folly and weakness against theists, demanding that theists prove the existence of God, I would like to make a point and ask those same atheists to explain the existence of spirituality. 
My previous post recounted an experience I had in knowing what was transpiring in a distant land without communication with that area and such impressions proving correct.  Such was a type of impression that presented itself in real time as it were, but not all spiritual impressions are of that kind.  Often they require time, patience and a great deal of what atheists most scoff - faith.  My dear atheist reader will please explain another situation to me without the use of spirituality or of God.  Many years ago a woman of my acquaintance was excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Many people tried to force me to stay away from her since they were quite convinced based upon her actions that she would never return to God or a life of moral decency and they assumed her habits would corrupt mine.  I could not believe them and in many instances found myself forced to go behind their backs to talk with this woman, risking their anger and punishment if discovered.  It seemed to them the perfect order of logic that she was quite lost and could not be reclaimed.  I knew within myself in a way I couldn't explain save that my soul was certain that she was not lost.  Twenty five years after her excommunication and after my having to sorely battle against those around me who refused or could not see with an eye of faith, she was rebaptized and I am happy to say continues in the path toward Christian discipleship.
Faith is something in this world that even many God fearing disciples tend to lack when it reaches past their comfort zone or their agendas and yet it is obviously real.  My question to you is, how could a young girl know perfectly, calmly, patiently, and faithfully that this woman could turn her life around many years before the fact?  Logical, intelligent adults who held to what they could see with their physical eyes missed what seemed to a child obvious truth.  How could faith prevail though all the logical points of reason, statistics, science and probability towered staggeringly against it?  I leave that to my dear atheists to decide. 

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