Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Love Being a Woman

A few days ago I encountered a man who delighted in being as feminine as possible.  I saw him on a dance floor swinging his hips to belly dancing music and it seemed to me quite obvious from his manner, bearing, attitude and the like that he, if I might come to an educated guess, was homosexual.  I eventually left the dance floor in order to take care of my children with a loving prayer of goodwill for this cheerful soul but it has brought me to much thought regarding one of my more passionate issues, that is, of gender role.

I should begin with the confession that as a child I grew up in close quarters with an older brother, had primarily male cousins my age and found myself raised by two soldiers for a mother and father.  I was in many ways raised to be quite masculine and femininity was something I had to learn to some degree later in life.  So I comprehend the opposite side of the coin quite a bit.  Nevertheless, as I have learned, thought, experienced and matured I have found a great deal of joy in womanhood and also have found a fantastic amount of respect and admiration for men who delight in being men.  As I have been much given to meditation and prayer, ever looking inward throughout my life and particularly in later years I have found that when I stopped trying to fight against feminine traits and embraced them more fully my joy in life and in self expanded to an extraordinary degree.  It has expanded my horizons tremendously and it seems that femininity is a well of joy, passion, beauty, innocence, bliss and ecstasy that knows no bounds through mortality or eternity.  I can well perceive that the opposite, that is, masculinity, proves much the same to those sons of God who embrace their everlasting identities.

In this society of confused gender roles where women are often expected to compete in the workplace and men are increasingly taught to shun such natural virtues as protectiveness, patriarchal authority, personal strength and the like I can't help but take extreme delight in pure, intense, concentrated passion some of us still have for who we are and who God made us.  I can't help adoring the natural balance and complimentary nature between man and woman, and certainly stand in awe of the beauty of a traditional heterosexual relationship.   

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