Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Learning With Your Body

Some years ago when I found myself falling into the abyss of post traumatic stress I lost the ability to read, write, and generally learn in the manner I had loved to learn previously.  It had been my ambition to become a university professor, I had studied voraciously after I received my bachelors, and here I was unable to learn, my mind broken and distressed, and at a loss of how to follow my constant yearning for progression.
Gratefully I had begun exercising at the gym shortly before the condition hit and in the months and years that followed God taught me a new way of learning; He taught me to learn not with my mind but my body.  The idea of learning wisdom, gaining strength of mind, and attaining extraordinary skills with my body had never occurred to me before.  Although I had enjoyed dance, volleyball, and hiking before physical exercise had never much appealed in a general sense.  I learned mental stability through yoga, emotional strength through weight training, spiritual power through dance, and formed a mind/body connection that I never had conceived existed.  I added to this an extremely healthful diet and kept my body totally free from impurities as far as circumstances permitted me and the mental and physical clarity that comes through excellent nutrition proves absolutely unparalleled - far more powerful than all the university level bookish study on earth. 
I am grateful to God that the trials He knew would prove beneficial to me also included a great deal of physical and psychological strain and trauma.  It taught me, once again with my body as a focal point, who I was, the identity of a daughter of God, the exquisite gift that our physical bodies is, the power of femininity and the power of a healthy, romantic, heterosexual relationship.  Sometimes when difficulties arise we believe that there can be no silver lining - after all, I lost what I treasured beyond expression in losing my ability to read and write.  Nevertheless, God always has a plan for our betterment and with every trial and hardship He renders comes an expanded horizon and viewpoint beyond anything we might have considered erstwhile.

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