Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Passionate Masculinity

I confess I don't watch television at all and only find myself on the internet when I have a specific task at hand so I do not see or hear much from the media firsthand about society's general opinion of masculinity.  Nevertheless, I know it has been a trend and hear other speak vehemently of men in a manner that I cannot help disliking intensely.  Men have long been treated as unintelligent brutes who are useless or worse than so.  I have heard them described as being nothing but liars, adulterers, and many woman have sought for ways to have and rear children without having a father in their child's lives.  The role of the father in general has been in many ways demolished in our society and the importance of strong male role models almost annihilated.  One thing that I find particularly disturbing is the fact that women becoming addicted to pornography is very much on the rise.
And I couldn't disagree with this more.
As a young child I had some qualities and opinions that seemed to me absolutes and though I have heard such ideas undervalued I hold to them still.  One of them is the fact, the complete and certain knowledge that men are extraordinary beings with endless potential and worth beyond mortal comprehension.  I refuse to believe anything else.  And yes, I have known my share of liars, cheaters, and the like.  I cannot believe that any human being can be so easily labeled.  We are all works in progress, truly, and every human being has the ability to improve.  I have counseled with countless men in their efforts to become better people and I honestly believe in every single one of them.   One man I spent quite some time teaching and in whom I deeply believed had been with over 200 women, some of them married, some of them single.  No one is exempt from becoming better or from reaching outward and upward toward their heavenly reward.  And there is something quite extraordinary and beautiful about masculinity. 
Here's how I see it, or feel it, rather.  I can see, feel, and understand that men are exquisite beings filled with potential and light, sons of God and powerful beyond their own present comprehensions.  There is room and ability for eternal growth, inner fire, righteous passion and overwhelming personal strength in each and every man.  I know perfectly that men are beloved, glorious, amazing people and that God wants to encourage each and every one of them.  I have often met with men who have been surprised at the fact that I can treat their past or present misdeeds with so little judgment and carry so much hope for their future joy and righteous glory but that is because I can see and understand that a man is more than the mistakes he makes.  Society may disagree with me, other women may disagree with me, but as Gandhi said, "if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."  Brethren, my respect and honor for who you are, all you are, and what you can be.  I would encourage every last one of you to spend some time focusing inward on the God given power, passion and strength that is already within you.  

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