Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Swimsuit Season!

Ah, my friends, it's summertime and I can't wait to hit the local pool with my kids!  School releases them tomorrow and I am thinking we will have a sweet little swimming session the following day!  As I have gone from store to store looking for a new swimsuit I have come to reflect a great deal on a very sad social reality, which is that clothes generally and swimwear particularly seem to rapidly lose any restraint, decency, modesty and frankly good sense.  I am becoming more and more grateful that according to the moral standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints my daughter and I will not wear the degrading bikini type swimsuits that unfortunately abound. 

Stuffy?  Yeah, I probably sound pretty dull and completely unable to have good time.  What difference does modesty make, especially in the summertime?  Let me level with you completely.  In these sweltering Arizona summer months it would be very easy for me to strip down to a scanty bikini rather than don a one piece and truthfully I would probably look better in one as well.  But there is a thing called self respect that I would have to take off of my person along with the extra clothing and that isn't a sacrifice I am willing to make.  And as to levels of having fun?  Oh, I assure you I can have just as much fun as any well put together human being can stand in modest attire.  Fun depends on a state of mind, a happiness of heart and a touch of wild, outgoing creativity.  I have often heard women say that the only reason someone would refrain from wearing scanty clothes is if they don't have a beach body.  I am a gym rat all year round and honestly, I generally have trouble getting rid of random drooling men when I get into a modest swimsuit.  Wearing a bikini would cause more annoying glances, winks, nods and men tripping over their tongues than I would want to handle.

Our bodies are temples, beautiful and deserving of respect from everyone but first and foremost from ourselves.  In spite of what media and often even guys will tell you, the most attractive thing about a woman is not her willingness to flaunt her body.  Yeah, it may catch a person's attention for a moment, but those women who really get men wanting a real, honest, true, lasting relationship are those who know who they are, who are confident in who they are, and who value their physiques enough to make a guy work for seeing it rather than give it to every passerby on the street.  Just sayin'.   

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