Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Final Challenge to My Dear Atheists

Well, it seems to have been an interesting argument and twist in debate on this my blog.  I have given my dear atheist readers chances to ponder and reflect on those things that science cannot at this time specifically resolve or comprehend.  Indeed, there is much science fails to answer, which any wise scholar understands.  Human knowledge is a bare pittance in comparison to the great, unchartered universe of truth before us.
My final challenge shall be brief and to the point and it for once does not have specifically to do with me.  Answer me this, my dear friends.  How is it that a 33 year old man from a bare corner of the known world in an age before internet, who never held man cherished award or honor could have so powerfully changed the world?  How is it that this oft penniless carpenter, bare of worldly position or political power could have gained such trust and faith in the hearts of His hearers that long after His death disciples would rather be torn apart until death without any kind of sedative or pain killer in a coliseum filled with hungry lions rather than deny His divinity?  What are the odds that this lowly Jew could give sermons that would flood the world's literature, thought, art, architecture, and sociology until toddlers barely able to speak could easily recognize source of the exhortation to "love your enemies"?  How could it be that over two thousand years from His birth people all over the world speak His name in reverence and love?  How is it that this man whose travels took Him hardly over a stone's cast from His birthplace is known, revered, cherished, worshiped and adored in virtually every nook and cranny of the occupied globe?  Explain that to me in scientific terms.  You may argue that people are foolish.  True.  People are foolish, but hardly so foolish as that.   
Often passionate atheists are those who were once devout followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And it generally isn't that through much study and pondering they come at long last to tearfully recognize that their faith has been misplaced in a graven image.  It is almost always that something offended them, either that a prayer was not answered in a manner they liked, they failed to attain the position in church hierarchy they thought they deserved, or that someone higher in the chain of command made a decision with which they disagreed.  I have had, in the darkest moments of my life, a woman with authority over me in the church treat me with such heartless contempt that had I not had so passionate a testimony I would have walked out of the church and never returned.  But the existence of imperfect people does not mean that the underlying doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ is wrong.  A prayer that doesn't receive the answer we think may simply mean that the Lord's way is a bit higher than our own mortal understanding.  But our pride and desire for our own way hardly disproves the existence of God.  It merely proves His mercy in giving us a mortal experience in which to learn.

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