Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Doesn't He Just Leave Here?

This morning I was listening to a song by Michael McLean entitled "Not My Will" and which I would certainly recommend to anyone interested in the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ.  The song is something of an allegory regarding the Atonement of the Savior and several people, including an unnamed prophet sing in various parts throughout it.  The prophet brings a poignant question to the table as he watches Jesus suffer for our sins.  He says "Why doesn't He just leave here?...Could we be truly worth such grief and pain?"

We read in the New Testament two interesting events that give us insight to the Savior's feelings about what He was about to endure.  The first is that He asked to be released from this assignment if His Father was willing.  He would do it, but He did look for another way, if there was one.  Secondly, an angel came and strengthened Him immediately before His suffering in Gethsemane.  One may argue various things about this strengthening and what it was but I can only imagine that it was giving the Savior a chance to see all those who He was about to rescue and reminding Him how much He loved each one of us.  I do not believe that the Savior could have had the voluntary will to wrought the Atonement only out of obedience to the Father, though He loved the Father so eternally and perfectly.  I think at those moments when He was in the most pain, the most ready to quit, the most exhausted He remembered that our spiritual lives rested on His shoulders and He wanted more than anything to be with us in heaven.  Don't ask how I know that, but suffice it to say you might review my former post about Tasting Gethsemane to gain some idea of how I do.  But I must assume it was His love for and desire to aid us and be with us that ultimately wouldn't let Him quit.  Surely He loved the Father and wanted to do His will in all things and that certainly carried Him through much of the ordeal, but I believe that when He felt He could go no further, when His body had been blown to pieces as it were, when He had endured mockery and scorn, physical exhaustion and personal betrayal, possibly not altogether sure how much more there was to endure, He remembered us and knew that as long as He was in existence at all regardless of His condition, He could not and would not fail us. 

"Why doesn't He just leave here?...Could we be truly worth such grief and pain?"  Because He loves you.  Yes, you are, in His eyes, worth all the grief and pain.  Yes, you are worth the anguish, you are worth the blood from every pore, you are worth the endurance, the mockery, the betrayal, the crucifixion and the death.  You are worth it to Him. 

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