Monday, June 30, 2014

Washed Clean

She stood before a church going crowd who expectantly looked to her to lead them in musical worship and religious fervor.  Beautiful, confident, and poised I watched her direct children's music and as young voices rang through the chapel I considered this lovely chorister's face and angelic countenance.  Genuine light and tender concern for the children she led shone in her eyes and her radiance was enough to fill her onlookers with a deep sense of awe.  It affected me more because I knew something of her dark history.  

I have always admired this musical leader, though her life has not always aligned itself perfectly with the commandments and moral code of the faithful.  I watched her struggle through moral trials and trudge through sorrowful repentance and biting disgrace.  Years had proven dark for her and I had watched her, like a cheerleader from the sidelines, as she slowly and painfully worked her way nearer to the divine truth she had misplaced in her life.  It had been a bitter experience for her to survive and my heart had bleed for her in her troubles. Rebuilding her life seemed to take forever and to many closest to her I am sure it seemed like healing would never fully come.

But as I watched this glorious lady the truth swept through me that her repentance was surely complete and I saw in her face the vibrant beauty of heaven.  She was truly fit to lead and teach these young, innocent souls and they were well blessed to have her as a role model.  The purity that surrounded her proved fitting and she belonged to it, nothing lacking.  I considered my own life.  I have been straight arrow all my days and though not perfect have never committed grievous sins to that extent.  But in the economy of heaven, when all things stand complete and we meet in the eternal realm, I am not sure that there will be any difference between myself and this beautiful feminine spirit except that the angels may possibly rejoice more for her exquisite redemption than for mine.  In her I saw the Atonement of Jesus Christ made manifest and all traces of darkness unalterably gone.  She is a living testimony to me that through the grace of the Lord all our vice can be washed clean. 

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