Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jesus Christ vs The Common Core

Looking for a moral battle against a hated enemy, are we?  Well that is exactly what I intend though not the fight one might think from the title.  I am not here to demolish the Common Core or prove its moral indecency.  In fact, I'm not going to analyze the Core at all. 

Some time ago I felt to post a status via Facebook inviting my friends to share their feelings about the Savior Jesus Christ.  As many of my friends prove avid Christians I expected something of an downpour.  Instead, I heard crickets.  Approximately 24 hours after the post one brave soul bore a touching testimony about her Lord and King.  Bravo to her, for among my friends she stood alone.  A few days ago I thought to enter into a social/psychological experiment and used a status to invite those who would to share their conclusions regarding the Common Core.  As I expected I received a flood of responses, vehemently arguing against the practice and criticizing its effect on children, society, and the country at large.  

My friends, why are we so quick to outlandishly unleash frustration and so slow to publicly give thanks for the greatest blessing we have?  Why do we answer passionately a political question and find ourselves apathetic about the far more important religious one?  Do we seek happiness in this life or misery?  If happiness, shouldn't we find reasons to proclaim things that make us happy and bring that joy to others?  Shouldn't we prove quick to shun the bad and focus on the positive?  I have written many posts in my various blogs through the years but the one that has received the most hits was a post on Mormonism, which an anti Mormon group found and exploited.  Why are we so quick to spend our time in being offended and outraged?  And within your own mind, think of what brought you to this blog post.  Was it your love of Jesus Christ?  Was it your honest desire to know how He might view today's education?  Or was it because you sought the thrill of a fight and wanted to see a legislation you despised crushed underfoot?  In truth, most of the world's battles are fought within the quiet recesses of the human heart.  Gandhi said it is where all our battles should be fought, and truly I believe that a very important fight exists within ourselves - the battle of who we will serve, what perspective we will have, and whether we will chose to focus on the negative or the light. 

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