Thursday, August 28, 2014

Passionate Meditation

*The following is an excerpt from my journal when I toured Guatemala.  I love passionate nature and this was a treat since I find my usual desert home rather parched from the breathing life of trees and gentle verdure.

The vegetation and landscape here is gorgeous.  Nevertheless, there is something that, although silent, speaks more powerfully than that.  There is something in this land that brings you closer to a beauty and strength far greater than these beautiful petals that will bloom, wilt, and die within weeks or less.  It has caused a greater awareness and appreciation of the earth itself.
Being here at Villa Santa Catalina on the edge of Lake Atitlán, one can tangibly feel the power of the earth beneath your feet.  The land breathes, groans, weeps with joy, and remembers the events of history as a semi active onlooker.  The rocks rent here at the death of the Savior.  Perhaps it is due to the earthquakes, explosions, and volcanoes, but surely one cannot doubt the spirit and soul of this their Mother Earth that holds and remembers all the secrets of mankind.  You can feel it's sorrow; you can sense its strength, and you can become connected with it and from the core of this massive, powerful soul partake with it its deep and intense joy.  And with this monumental life force, rejoice and worship my Father, who I know well and I love tremendously.  There are whispers in the water and they tremble with a life all their own.  Closing your eyes and focusing on its movement and passion you can almost hear the harmony between water and earth, the symphony of wave against wave and the depth of the water and land penetrates your skin and muscle, and in your bones you feel the echo of your Father and the power that is yours and makes up your whole person.  You can feel throughout your body the power you have and know and understand the connection you have with your Father.  You understand so much that the power that courses through your Maker's soul courses also through your own and it seems so natural that you should grow and learn to refine and control that energy that you have.

Tears well up in your heart and you weep inside without knowing why.  And then in a moment your mind is drawn backward and forward to hear and see and relive those things from a time long forgotten, a time and place you once know well and you can feel within your mind and spirit the memory of galaxies and stars, hundreds, thousands, and millions of them passing rapidly through your eyes, and for one brief moment all eternity makes sense and you can feel your heart expanding to swallow the joy and reality of this whole.

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