Friday, August 29, 2014

Prowling the Streets of Paris

*This is another excerpt from my journal in reminiscing over my travels through Europe.  Paris was one of my favorite cities, my to my own surprise.  I had expected to find nothing but cliche but it seems all I'd heard about this exquisite city proved only too true.

My world travels have drawn my attention today, particularly my short stay in Paris.  I recall floating along the Seine viewing cathedrals to my left and intricate residential architecture to my right, approaching a magnificent bridge and waving to a mass of gay, friendly strangers thereon who excitedly pronounced their affection to any and everyone in the nearing boat.  The cold, which usually fills my heart with dread, in this case seemed appropriate, especially after the drizzling London streets, and not only rendered me the opportunity to don a soft, comforting sweater but acted as a continual reminder that I stood in a separate hemisphere and an ocean away from my native country.

The manicured gardens of Versailles were enchanting in their immensity if for no other reason but the extraordinary attention to seemingly each and every leaf and fountain bespoke the greatness and importance of the place as well.  Man made lakes and rolling hills stretched as far as the eye could reach and such subtle caressing landscapes continued harmoniously, unmolested along the intertwining highways of France.  The blueberry tart I tasted on the Champs Elysees, at rather a less than endearing price I might add, although filled with so much sugar my eyes watered after the first bite made its contribution to what I have since believed of that noble country - that everything is calculated and created therein for the express purpose of beauty and general acceptance.  While some may argue that the French are expressly wrong in their taste, I have not known many societies that attempt so fully to make each and every moment, regardless of the medium, beautiful and pleasing to the senses.

So there I imagine myself now, surrounded by brisk and merry Parisian streets, breathing the intoxication of the city of love and relaxing into the safety of passion, romance, and the soft desire for joy that emanates from every flying buttress and gold encrusted dome.

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