Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Goodness

"Okay guys, here it is!" I showed my kids the bacon wrapped meatloaf I'd created from a Wolfgang Puck recipe today.


They were duly impressed by my high end culinary artistry.  I like to think I taught them well.

I spent over two hours slaving in the kitchen and loved every instant of it!  My home often smells like cinnamon rolls, freshly baked bread, shepherd's pie, homemade pizza or cheesecake.  Oddly, I eat precious little of the juice dripping lusciousness I cook.  My own diet always proves super healthy to compliment my body chiseling workouts but I cook as I sometimes do as a delightful hobby.  Meatloaf is in my category of "Man Food."  I don't eat it myself (I don't like it) but I love the feeling of making heavy, satisfying dishes, and I think it is part of natural God given femininity to enjoy making and distributing masculine pleasing meals.  Call me a cave woman if you will.

We pretend to be above such things in society and we often claim that a woman's highest end is competing with men in the workplace.  Instead of denying what a woman ought to be in the traditional sense, I love to embrace it and make it an art form!  I glance around the custom home I helped design and build and see the kids happily reading the books we borrowed from the library together, the detailed cross stitches I made hanging on their walls and recognize with satisfaction that we read scriptures together (nearly) every day.  I have a classically trained voice and use it primarily at this point not on stage but in singing lullabies, along with show tunes and hymns whilst mopping the travertine floor.

Too boring?

Add to that the hours I spend in practicing yoga, hip hop and Latin dance.  True, I cook intense food but mostly I like to keep my body engaged, limber, trained and fit.  Why not enjoy looking good for yourself and your family?  No sin in that, I hope.  Yes, I am hopelessly lost and can never be liberated from the shackles of the Stone Age.   And I couldn't be happier about it.  True it is that I work part time as a financial executive in a multimillion dollar construction enterprise, but that is merely to pay the bills.  This is where my heart lives.  I glory in being an old fashioned woman.

What can I say to those who insist that a woman in the kitchen is backward and wrong?   No judgement to them.  Live and let live.  I hope they are happy.  But God made us with divine gifts and joys specific to womanhood and I intend to live it up and bask in the joy of being what He meant and intended me to be.

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