Thursday, September 25, 2014

Balancing Your Life

"The outside world will be there when you get there." 

"Don't hold onto anything.  You don't need to." 

"Open your heart up."

"Breathe deeply and relax your jaw."

"It doesn't matter what your neighbor is doing."

 "Relax and breathe."

"You are gorgeous."

 "Here's an advanced option...just if you want to."

 "No stress." 

"I know you can do this."

 "Listen to your body."

 "In yoga there is no forcing."

As my fellow yogis and I finish this blesséd National Yoga Month, I thought I would add a few words of gratitude for the art itself and what it has taught me.  The above are quotes and lessons from the yoga mat that my absolutely wonderful teachers have instilled in me.  I have used yoga as a way of releasing stress, working through trauma, letting go of injury, clearing my mind, strengthening my body, creating beauty, connecting to the earth, God, life and myself, and learning to respect all things in the universe both seen and unseen.  As September draws to a close and we subside into our typical routines throughout the year, let us remember to breathe deeply and fully, and blissfully enjoy the little things in life. And namasté!

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