Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Be Wary of a Woman

"Sing to me, baby!"

I closed my mouth and turned to see my cousin Patrick leaning against the door frame of his parents' kitchen, watching me with an ironic grin.  I hadn't realized anyone had caught me pulling off some random opera.  That's a tremendous compliment because he gets paid for being the amazing songwriter and musician he is.  "Where I'm From" put my dad's hometown of Camden, South Carolina on the map in the country music world, but I've got to say that for the moment "Be Wary of a Woman" is my favorite. Listening to this from the perspective of a woman makes me grin ear to ear and snicker with delight.

Poor misguided women in this gender confused era have a tendency to believe that they have to behave like men, compete with men, become something they aren't in order to get attention, and give up their divine feminine identities in order to catch a husband.  Patrick Davis picked up his guitar and knocked all those misconceptions out of the ballpark in a gorgeously resounding home run.   My ladies, how would you like to be the sexy, feisty, happy, juicy, passionate woman that you naturally are and have a confirmed masculine player desperately fling away his freedom for you?  This song is a warning to all those other guys out there that against the charm of an amazing woman, their flightiness doesn't stand a chance.  He intimates that a woman just has to be her own fabulous self, in touch with her own feminine prowess, and then watch the men drop like flies at her feet.  And you know what?  He's right.  

"If you're a man like me who is good at leaving,
If you like your space and you love your freedom,
You don't see yourself settling down, having your whole world tossed around,

Be wary of a woman, a woman so fine,
Don't want to change you, loves you just right,
Makes you feel like a man inside, sometimes she'll make you cry
Til you don't know what you're doing.  You're outta control
Forget about leaving, your heart won't go.
If you don't want that you'd better run and hide
And be wary of a woman like mine.

She can make you laugh when you feel like crying,
Make you want to live when you feel like dying
But if you like living your life in the dark, 
Better walk away.  You're going to lose your heart. 


Man, you don't stand a chance, don't even try
And be wary of a woman like mine."

Catch Patrick Singing this Masterpiece in Concert!

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