Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miracles and a Sexy Greek Goddess

"Have a good day!" the sales rep called after me.

I turned back with a grin.  "Oh.  I certainly will now!" and proceeded to strut happily out of the store and into the opulent gardens of La Encantada.

Several months ago I had become entranced by a dress that had hung in the middle of the Concepts boutique.  It was fit for a Greek goddess and I couldn't help sneaking into the store to have a closer look at both the dress and the price tag.  Forty dollars on sale was a fabulous steal but the down to earth mommy in me decided the prudent thing would be to walk away and simply count the blessings I already had with joy and gratitude.  The months passed somewhat and God decided to put my mind, heart, spirit and faith to the test in a way I felt shattered my strength and pained me to the point of sheer exhaustion. 

As the fall months approached, I felt much impressed that the Lord intensely wanted me to dress as a Greek goddess for Halloween, which indeed I had wanted to do since last year.  I had all but given up on the former idea I found at La Encantada Shopping Center and simply headed toward the local costume store.  Immodesty and other considerations sent me reeling back, and I felt sure that by now the dress I had seen before was gone entirely, or at least back to its normal price, which I could not in good conscience pay.

Little by little the Lord impressed me to return to the shopping center, if only to window shop at another store.  My exhaustion and dejection from so much trial and pain kept me from thinking rationally and I meandered along, gazing listlessly into the various stores.  I glanced into Concepts and scanned the racks from a distance but only to find the dress was gone.  Nevertheless, I felt to ask if they had a website.  They didn't.  The rep asked what I wanted and I told him.  Eyes lighting up, he said, "Yes, we have that!" and rushing to the back pulled out my dress from clearance.  Apparently they had run out in the store and this masterpiece had been discontinued completely.  The dress had arrived from a boutique in Florida and hung there against all odds and in my size with a $19.99 price tag.  It fit like a glove. 

Sometimes I think God withholds blessings because He is reserving them for a more useful purpose in His own way and time.  I might have stretched out my hand and taken it when first I saw it, but in trying to do the prudent thing, God saw fit to change the price and presented to me at a time when I needed most to feel like some kind of supernatural, out of this world goddess.  It came at a time when I most needed to remember that He is my Father and thinks of me as a daughter, and that He delights in blessing His children.  It came at a time when I needed a reminder that He was aware of me and that everything could and would turn out well.  And most importantly, it reaffirmed my shaking belief that all could come together and be made right, even against every odd on man's mortal earth.

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