Friday, October 17, 2014

Cute Clothes Make Everything Better

"Ummm...I thought you went to work on Tuesdays, not Mondays."  My kids' karate teacher sat down in his usual spot outside our mutual kiddos' elementary school a few weeks ago.

"I do." I answered, hardly glancing up from my book.

"So...why are you wearing that?" He referred to the sassy upscale red dress and matching heels I was sporting.

"It was a hard weekend.  I'm making it a good day."

(Shrug) "Well, as long as you're comfortable."

I was very comfortable.  Sexy clothes make me extremely comfortable, especially when stress and frustration are chasing me.  And power red says, "I am totally confident and independent.  Look me in the eye...if you dare!"  In a manner of speaking, more than half the battle against stressful situations finds itself finished if you can intimidate the elements around you enough to get them to leave you alone.  And trouble tends to flee in shame and terror if we look like we know what we're doing.  Truly, if we look the proper ticket people who may be inclined to give us a hard time will find themselves checked by our appearance of strength and self assurance. 

So often we try to depend on other people or uncontrollable outside circumstances to make us feel better when life performs its job of teaching by kicking us around, but I've learned through experience that it is wiser to try to pull myself up as far as is possible instead of putting that burden on others and then complain when they cannot make you happy.  That isn't to say that inviting help when needed is wrong or bad, but it is a peaceful and inviting person who can take matters into his own hands and do his part to don a smile.  Such people make the world a better place.  Besides, it's much more entertaining to wear a fabulous outfit and feel great than to sink into the dreary existence of depression and anxiety without a fight.

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