Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Girls are Sexier...Just Sayin'

I am and have always been what a person may term as a "good girl."  I've voluntarily never had an extramarital love affair, never had a sip of alcohol, was a virgin on the wedding night and so on.  But I have also never heard anyone who has seen me on a dance floor describe me as boring and I have had way too  many men attempt to get me to break that long standing record of chaste morality.  Though it seems counter intuitive that virtuous women are sexy, it is a concept that makes perfect sense.

We all of us, or most at least, have natural human feelings which include passion, sensuality and the like.  I often hear people make the very strange assumption that virtuous people are so because they lack sufficient interest in sexuality.  Bosh!  I have known a great many women who are good by choice but also have boiling inside an unquenchable and passionate desire for sensuality.  That is exactly what makes them sexier than those women who openly throw themselves at every man they see.  Honestly, men, help me out here.  Would you rather date a woman who gave you and everyone else her worn, tired out, overly used body and was so absorbed with being sexier than the next girl that she lost her appeal altogether, or a woman who had intelligence and purpose, spent her time in making herself healthy and beautiful in mind, body, and spirit, and wanted to give you her whole person, surrender her love and sexuality exclusively to you alone, and flood you with all the passion she'd been jealously harboring in wait for the right guy to come along?  Would you prefer a woman who you know will go from you to the next guy without caring much for either of you or respecting herself, or a woman who spends her time at the library, the beauty salon, the lingerie store and the gym, making herself the best person she can be so that she can give herself to you alone, body and soul, and delight in the idea of being all yours in your arms, in your heart and in your bed?  Such a woman naturally inspires her man to be the most amazing, heroic, powerful man he can be and lifts him to higher ground morally, emotionally, and mentally, allowing him to become something greater than he ever thought he could be.  C'mon, people.  Seriously?

There is no comparison in my mind and in my experience men have a tendency to agree.  I have seen guys who could have had any easy woman on earth completely lose their minds over such a good girl as I've described.  More powerfully, it is a true concept that pure love and reckless lust cannot coincide one with another.  Love and attraction can exist in the mind at the same time but love and lust cannot.  The more a person engages in things that damage the soul, the less capable they become of having pure, passionate, overwhelming love.  Good girls know what true love is and they know best how to shower their man with it. 

Just sayin'.

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