Sunday, October 26, 2014

Italian Worship

I felt to sit and write poetry about the Lord Jesus Christ.  You have already seen a typical English style piece in my previous post but I often strive to employ terza rima, a type of poetry invented by Dante Alighieri for his Divine Comedy and which is generally known as the most difficult type of poetry to write in the English language.  The rhyme scheme is in triples, which Dante used to denote the power of the Trinity.  I have used this form before in much longer works where you can see the form more clearly. True to its conception I always write in it with spiritual context, and it is a delight to work through.  This little snippet seemed sufficient for the moment.

From deep within my weak and trembling soul
I raise my humble eyes up to my God.
In Him am I made strong and ever whole
Sweet kneeling on His pure and sacred sod
For in His care the earth transforms its face,
Oppressors cringe and break beneath the rod,
The scepter that He wields in awful grace
Which raises slaves to heights ethereal.

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