Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shrimp for Dinner and Mystery for Lunch

My daughter and I have been at home alone.  Whatever shall we do with ourselves?

Anything we want!

Mother/daughter time, or rather parent/child time proves sometimes rare in this world.  Best to live it up, I say.  We went to the local market and bought all her favorite foods.  This morning she announced that the shrimp platter had finally thawed in the refrigerator.  I don't quite comprehend or identify with her delight in consuming the entire package before eight in the morning, but to each her own.  No harm done.  These are the things that create lasting memories.

She had decided that for the most part our week together must have rules.  Generally we must sleep until noon, except, apparently, for today.  We must take hikes in the desert wilderness surrounding our home.  I am always up for a little extra exercise - no qualms with that.  We must dress like princesses, or in the case of these pictures, as a super sleuth like Nancy Drew, whose books we must read quite naturally in the very exciting super sleuth headquarters we made in her room out of bed sheet, chair, and step ladders.  She has also decided I must read my book on the couch while she silently reads hers (Bless you, my child!!!).  These rules have a tendency to change with the fancy of the moment, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?  With Julia, imagination is everything and miracles are always just around the corner.

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