Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Duel of Sex

Quite a title, no?  I captured it from another author and giving credit where it is most certainly due, I have to attribute the idea of this post to the immortal Bernard Shaw from his fabulous play, "You Never Can Tell."  I highly recommend it if you get the chance.  

Now, getting down to business.

The duel of sex as described in the play is the fight between parents trying to teach their innocent daughters to be wise enough to avoid men who would play with their affections and the young men who learn what the parents teach and try to find a way around it in order to win fair lady's heart.  Shaw describes it in order to make sense in his era; I will describe it in order to make sense in ours.  

Women used to learn that they ought to be modest, innocent, and wait for men to make the first move.  Men used such ideas to their advantage and women felt themselves unfairly oppressed until the rights of women came about.  Since then, women have thought themselves very safe in thinking that if they make the first move, they get the man's phone number, and they wear scanty clothing it will somehow give them power over the man.  After all, why let your fate and romantic destiny rest in someone else's hands?  Take them into your own, right?  Well, the modern man figured this out, learned how to get around it, and "beat her at that game, just as he had beaten her before."  He has learned to quickly hand out his phone number, expect the woman to make the first move, and unfortunately play the lady in many romantic situations.  Result?  I have seen more women's hearts shattered in this age of easy sex than I would wish to describe or consider.  But there is one woman against whom these modern masculine wiles do not work.  They don't work against the thoroughly old fashioned woman.  If we raised our daughters to be modest, innocent, and the like "it would take 18 months to get to where (a man can get now) in 18 minutes."  I recall being on a plane once and a man forcing his phone number into my pocket after fruitlessly throwing himself at me throughout the entire trip.  The phone number went into the nearest garbage can.  What was I supposed to do with that?   What does a thoroughly old fashioned lady do with a man who is seeking to play this modernistic game?  Absolutely nothing.

I suggest we turn the tables a little.  We educate our daughters to be the talented, beautiful, feminine ladies that they can be.  Let them learn to love, honor and value their bodies enough to wait (or make a guy wait) until marriage.  Teenage pregnancies would nearly disappear, marriages would be strengthened and guys would have to revert to being real men.  

Just a thought. 

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