Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When the World Comes Crashing Down

I must confess, gentle reader, that I have of late come across some rather pointed and poignant trials, which may account for the fact of my being something of a social recluse online and elsewhere.  It has seemed that I have been up against brick walls at every turn and I have felt confused and under the stern lash of painful experience.  Such a pedagogue will teach effectively surely but the lesson proves a difficult one whilst the student remains within the schoolhouse walls.  

Simultaneously, I have been reading the book of Genesis and Exodus to my children and as often happens I find myself in the scriptures before me.  When the children of Israel found themselves in slavery and any action they took would prove insufficient they learned to listen to their God who could rescue them.  Some of the actions seemed undoubtedly confusing but they were working hand in hand with the One who could part the Red Sea.  Sometimes bad things happen and we do not understand why.  Jacob, bless his heart, wanted only one woman for his own but was tricked into marrying his beloved's older sister.  I can't imagine how difficult and painful this must have been for him and his family and how many times he must have pleaded for answers to heaven.  But Leah gave us half of the tribes of Israel - could Rachel have handled bearing the 12 sons that the Lord knew needed to come from Jacob's loins?  Poor woman could barely handle two and sealed the second one's birth with her death!  The pain and sorrow of this family changed and blessed the world forever.  Could they have foreseen such an immense result from their pain, sorrow and betimes their confus├ęd bickering?  Did they really understand that after the trial of such great magnitude nearly the entire world would rise up and call them blessed, seeking for their promises, reading of their trials and learning from their experiences?  

And sometimes in the midst of trial, when we know not where to go or what to do, we need to follow the Lord's commands, no matter how reckless and confusing they may seem.  Did it make sense to walk through the Red Sea or march around Jericho?  Surely not.  But so be it.  And when I look at the difficulties surrounding me and wonder what God has in store, I am grateful to be in the middle of teaching the story of Moses to my children.  Sometimes the Lord allows difficult things to happen, like Pharaoh's hardened heart, in order to create miracles in our lives that will testify of His power and love for His children throughout all the ages and to all the world of mankind. 

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