Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me?

The local leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints asked us to reflect on this question, come up with one or two answers and share it with our families.  My son decided that we would use Family Night to introduce the topic and through the week try to come up with thirty ways we know God loves us.  I got a little carried away, my kids caught the fire and my son now has over fifty after only a day and a half.  Each of these things are not mere words but moments in which I can literally feel the love of God very personally for me.  My memory and the ability to do many things were taken away due to post traumatic stress and I feel the power and joy of having such abilities and mental capabilities back.  Try writing a list of your own!

1. The taste of blueberries
2.  Butterflies in a parking lot
3. Nil S'en La (Celtic Woman song)
4.  Ability to progress
5.  Awesome clothes suddenly go on sale!
6. Random blissful feelings
7.  Confidence
8. Dance
9. Meditation
10. Spiritual energy
11.  Prayer/answers to prayers
12. Memory
13. The ability to choose to be grateful
14.  Warmth
15.  Sunshine
16. Ability to read
17. Trials
18. An adventurous life!
19.  Impressions
20. Ability to enjoy music
21.  Ability to enjoy literature
22.  Seizures
23.  Ability to have faith
24. Julia and Josh's good health
25.  Clear skin
26.  Ability to take deep breaths
27.  Scriptures
28.  Ability to think
29.  Ability to have emotions
30. Peace
31. The feeling of air against my skin
32.  Protecting me from a semi
33. Flowers
34.  Having a camera
35.  Ability to express myself with photography
36.  Ability to watch good movies
37.  Temples
38.  Physical protection of my kids
39.  Cleaning supplies
40.  Ability to reach out to others
41.  Ability to arise and walk
42.  Knowledge that God is at the helm
43.  Sense of touch
44. Humor
45.  Ability to smile
46.  Rain and wind
47.  Sunsets
48.  Ability to appreciate beauty
49.  Hope
50.  Clarity of thought
51.  Ability to eat
52.  Strong body (very humbled that God has allowed me such a gift)
53.  Weather changes
54.  Assurance
55. Lack of physical pain
56.  Food
57.  Having a choice of food
58.  Workings of internal organs
59.  Ability to learn
60.  Ability to experience pleasure
61.  Miracles
62. The feeling of sand on my feet
63.  Guidance
64.  Moments without terrible pain
65.  Ability to pump gas
66.  Knowledge that there is a plan for my life
67.  Mercy
68.  Glimpses of heaven
69.  Karate
70. Yoga
71. The feel of my skin
72. Hydration
73. Beauty on the earth
74. Beauty in the sky
75.  Ability to love myself
76.  Ability to reflect
77.  Ability to ponder
78.  Personal relationship with God the Father
79.  Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
80.  Having fingernails
81.  Feeling whole
82.  Ability to enjoy art in many forms
83.  the beauty of femininity
84.  The power of femininity
85.  Exquisite joy of masculinity
86.  Ability to take care of my kids
87.  The goodness in my kids
88.  When God uses me as an instrument for good
89. Blue Banana
90.  Ability to work
91.  Healthy hair
92.  The spirit in the library
93. The feel of water
94. Trials of faith
95. The ability to have compassion
96. The ability to love
97. The feeling of having a body
98. The Spirit filling me up
99.  Pain
100. The ability to choose to be courageous
101.  The Savior's protection from Satan
102. The Atonement
103. When my kids miraculously go from cranky to joyful
104. My children's existence
105. My kids' admiration and emulation of me
106. The need for patience

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