Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Keep a Woman Happy

I recently viewed a facebook post that included a picture of a university classroom with various complicated equations covering the front chalkboard from end to end.  The caption was "How to Keep a Woman Happy."  Amusing though it may seem I submit there is one way to do so, as the musical Camelot describes.  It is to simply, merely, love her and show it.  Get to know her and simply love her for who she is and not who you would try to make her in order to fit your own criteria and mold.  That should be sufficient, brethren.

Unfortunately sometimes it's not and my dear ladies, this is your turn to listen up.  It should not be harder than that to keep a woman who is already in love with a man happy.  If pure, devoted love proves insufficient, I fear I must place much of the blame on the woman.  We are gifted with divine feminine traits which include gentleness, kindness, sweetness of temper and a nurturing spirit.  We are mothers, which is the greatest of all human callings of love and I hope we learn to lean on and appreciate these attributes.  Is it womanly or right to fly into hysterics, fall into accusations, demands and anger because things are not exactly as we might wish?  Would we not be happier in letting the little things go and focusing on the blessings?  Shouldn't we as adults be above that?  And above all, isn't it our responsibility to seek our own happiness?  We cannot prove continually unhappy people and blame someone else for our emotions, can we?

Of course, I must add that men are not perfect souls either and I have known a great deal of people, both men and women, who continually and cruelly antagonize their significant other.  While playful banter is fine, we must remember that our counterpart has legitimate feelings.  Most people who know me know that I passionately dislike contention and will staunchly, stubbornly walk away from a fight rather than engage in angry, heated fights.  In the last ten years I have fully exploded in rebuke at only four people.  These people had spent years in repeatedly, knowingly and hurtfully antagonizing either me or someone else and I had for years attempted to teach them to discontinue their abusive behavior through kindness, love, encouragement, and every other venue available.  While I do not like the situations and wish their could be another way I maintain that there was nothing else I could do at the time.  I do not attempt to blame others for my actions and in each case it was a momentary explosion of indignation followed by kindness, sometimes verbal apology, and attempts at rebuilding the relationship.  Sometimes we think we are God's gift and have the right to repeatedly and knowingly treat people flippantly or in a manner lacking human dignity.  So be it but that person has every right to walk away and find happiness elsewhere, leaving you to be God's gift to someone else.  And in handling a woman, repeated cruel treatment immediately offends the one rule we have to follow. 

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