Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Real Sex

As opposed to the type we might consider fake, I suppose.  I have been considering this blog post for well over a month and I find that against my previous ideas today is the day I will actually transfer the thoughts in my mind to the screen before me.  As a precursor, be it known that I allow others to disagree with me and do not intend to anger anyone; I simply mean to illustrate a pertinent fact.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a passionate, undying horror of any kind of moral indecency.  It seems rational that we might describe sex, real sex, as the most endearing, beautiful, meaningful type of expression regarding true and innocent romantic love - call me a hopeless romantic.  As we bear this in mind it is logical and rational to think that an emotion strong enough to inspire real, true, pure sexual intercourse happens between two people and is not something we casually discover and exploit in a bar and subsequent hotel room on a Saturday night.

Let me return to the point of it being two people, as I fear we often fail to grasp that concept in this society.  In real, passionate, soul mate induced sex there exists two halves of the same spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self.  Two. No more.  I find it strange that in this most intimate of acts we sometimes think to invite pornography and X rated movies.  Goodness sake, how many people are you mentally cramming into a bedroom at the same time?  I have heard people say, "Well that is how everyone is doing it nowadays."  I'm sorry, but that seems quite strange to me.  It is your life, your soul, your energy, your passion and your relationship.  Who cares what anyone else is doing?  I have heard that people turn to pornography in order to get ideas and the like.  Truly, I cannot help but think that since we are eternal beings filled with divine fire we can more than safely turn inward toward ourselves and in communing with our own souls and that of our devoted mate find more than sufficient love, joy, excitement and meaning than we will ever find in the cold, wrinkled pages of a Playboy magazine.  It strikes me that when we have our minds filled with such pornographic material we are no longer making love to our significant other.  We are making love to an image and to some degree wishing our counterpart were someone else that we have seen on the screen or page.  When we have our minds filled with pornography we are using our soul mate's body but thinking of nothing in terms of his or her inner self.  We hardly keep this most gorgeous, soul exciting act between two people when we have others in mind at the time or have been enjoying looking at someone else's body and sexual behavior immediately beforehand. 

Call me a romantic.  Call me a foolish, unreasonable believer in soul mates.  I'm okay with that.  The fact is that I know that soul mates exist.  It is a religious and eternal certainty.  I know that a man and woman perfectly united in marriage can create such spiritual power as to crumble this world into oblivion and cause the elements to melt with fervent heat.  I know it is possible for and will happen to every person in this world who puts God first in their lives and forbearance before untamed, immature lust.  And that is what I want for you, each one of you.  Engaging in "fake" sex and pornography, masturbation and the like weakens the soul and makes the mind and heart less apt and able to enjoy and maintain the real, soul rending passionate joy that comes with the type of sexual intercourse that God appointed and set forth to raise His children up to the most glorious heights of heaven itself. 

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