Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Secrets From Out of the Closet

I have a Secret Weapon.  It's true.  A person quick to observe who hunts through the jungle of my wardrobe may find clues and begin to piece the puzzle together.  There are clues all around my room - nay - around my home that may direct one's attention to said Secret Weapon.  It is through such means that articles like designer clothes and silver shoes find their way to my ownership.  It isn't by my intelligence that I frivolously own a Marc Jacobs purse costing roughly $3, 000.  It is due to my Secret Weapon that said purse cost me not a penny.  Neither is it by my wisdom that a Tiffany bracelet resides in my jewelry box gathering dust because I so rarely wear it and often forget that it is there.  

The best part is that anyone can look to and cultivate this same Secret Force for their own good.  It isn't that I'm just lucky.  It isn't that seek such things; I don't.  I can easily give all this away and prove perfectly happy living a less glittering, bling filled life.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons said Power has granted me such things.  Although my parents prove quite wealthy and I have had the opportunity to travel and experience the good things of life full price, I find it easier, happier and wiser to visit thrift stores rather than the more upscale variety boutiques.  I learned through years of wise prudence in economy that thrift store clothes are all a person needs to survive respectably.  I continued this practice until I flatter myself that I became something of a proficient.  But still, that isn't what brings Gianni Bini shirts to my personal coat hangers.  

Let us return to said Marc Jacobs purse.  I was at a thrift store, enjoying a shopping excursion for my birthday, supplied by my also frugal mother.  I had been hoping for a Prada purse and, though not wishing for it directly or appealing to God over so absurd a matter I had entertained a wistful thought.  I found not Prada, but reaching into the mountains of purses I found a gold Marc Jacobs that went perfectly with the new outfit I'd selected.  Though I knew this was a brand not to be lightly reckoned with, I could not recall offhand just how pricey it would prove in a boutique or how prestigious it really was.  I felt impressed that the Lord put this in my way and wanted me to have it.  The price tag read $5.50.  Reasonable enough to ask my mother to pay as a birthday present.  Researching later on the internet I found the actual price for said bag and comparing it to Prada found it excessively more expensive than a Prada purse would have been.  My Secret Weapon, or to put it more rightly and appropriately, my Sacred Wisdom, is my God.  He provides for me; He is so intimately interested in the details of my life that He gives me accessories far superior to what my poor finite mind had imagined.  When I thought the idea was simply too shallow and trifling, it was important to Him.  My friends, we sometimes seek for the things of this world and place Him on the back burner.  Logically, shouldn't we turn it around?  Prayer and striving to live righteously proves far more appropriate to increase our happiness than designer clothes.  When we seek Him first we find much more than we had expected, hoped, or even understood.  He is Master not only over the big things but the details.  And truly, we are never likely find a better shopping partner!

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