Friday, November 7, 2014

The Other Woman

I have a confession my friends.  Though I cling to moral decency with an undying passion, I have unwittingly found myself with the gritty, tarnished slur upon me as "the other woman."  Allow me to explain before you jump to any conclusions.  We have all dated in our youths and met with many people with whom we felt an interest or affinity.  Unfortunately, two of the men I knew in my youth apparently fell head over heels to the point of aching to marry me.  Both of them lost in love and in the recklessness of hopeless despair did something rather rash that I fear happens altogether too often in this world.  They ran out and slept with the next woman they met, accidentally impregnated them and suffered through shotgun weddings.  They are both still married, though one had a long term mistress as well as a wife.  He has told many people including me that he still harbors feelings for me and that he always will be at my beck and call, six children later.  His life has spiraled downward into drug use and general misery.  The second man successfully puts on the face of a devoted husband and father, and I hope and pray he is in actuality and heart.  But the last time I saw him he repeatedly tried to get his hands on me and at one point succeeded enough to cause me quite justified indignation.  I scorned his advances and he continually watched me pleading for some affection so desperately that his wife with whom I was friendly and who knew nothing of his previous affection, came to look at me as a dangerous temptation and threat to her marriage. 

My friends, I disclose this as a warning to both men and women.  I have seen the misery such situations bring and allow me to plead that it not happen to you.  Brethren, I realize you have strong feelings.  I know that your hearts can be very tender.  But may I suggest you vent your frustration in going to the gym and repeatedly knocking around punching bags to your heart's content until you feel able to handle another relationship with an honest soul?  And I have news for you.  If I am not very much mistaken, both these men thought that their girlfriends were on birth control.  The women were desperate for the men to marry them so they purposefully and secretly stopped taking it in order to force the guys into marriage.  Brethren, be wary.  If you aren't in love and wanting to marry her, do yourself a favor and leave the woman alone.  Trust me on this one.  And ladies, I understand the need to be loved and the desire to be married.  But do you want a man you have to chase down?  Do you want one who you know only married you because he had no choice?  Or wouldn't you rather be your own beautiful self and have a plethora of wonderful men do the chasing after you?    I will tell you plainly that both these ladies have had a horrible time with their husbands and I have felt their despair due to their difficult marriages.

Abstinence before marriage may seem a strange thing in this world, however it is not only the right but the smart course of action.  The Lord created our minds and our bodies, understands our passions and His commandments are for our good on a deeper level than we can presently understand with finite minds.  As a God fearing, Christ loving individual I cannot help but feel extraordinary pity for those involved and I pray for their happiness.  As I pray that their marriages will work out, however, I do not feel impressed with a sense of peace and surety on that account; perhaps the Lord is just telling me to never mind it and get on with my life.  But my friends, I would plead with you to have a care and cherish your body as a temple unto God.  You are worth more than to throw your lives into unalterable turmoil due to the pain and frustration of the moment.  My prayers are ever with you and I know God can help you make the right choices for your life and ultimate happiness if you will turn in prayer unto Him.

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