Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Parable of the Gucci Bag

Some months ago a woman felt quite depressed regarding various aspects of her life.  Her name was Michelle but that is hardly a necessary point to relate.  Suffice it to say, she felt quite neglected and hurt, struggling to keep her spirits up enough to maintain the Christlike peace she always strove to give to others.  It came to a point one day when another woman who in very important aspects seemed to tower over her and inadvertently crush her underfoot walked into view carrying a new Coach bag.  Michelle had never cared in any measure for purses at all and certainly didn't covet accessories.  Nevertheless, she was feeling so low and beaten at the time that the importance of the Coach logo seemed magnified in her eyes and try as she might, quite unlike her typical self, she felt all the crushing humiliation of this woman who already seemed so tremendously and painfully over her having a better name brand purse than she had.  

I don't recall the details but it seemed that weeks passed with this agonizing, irrational, humiliating teeth grinding sadness that Michelle told me she felt whilst in the shadow of the mighty Coach purse.  Prayer did nothing and her wonderment at so strange and alien feelings of frustration intensified until she really felt herself a shallow and horrible person for letting a little thing like that get to her.  She continued her already kind behavior to the owner of the great bag and attempted to crush this feeling of being so much less as a person than the other woman in question.

Then finally a new day dawned.  She had been required to visit a thrift store with her mother and sister and felt a calming impression that today God would give her not a $300 Coach bag but an infinitely cooler and classier Gucci without it noticeably taxing her pocketbook.  Impossible, you say?  God is a God of miracles, isn't He?  But to return to the parable, she felt much impressed and almost coerced to turn to toward a rack of purses, like walking in a dream headed straight forward, and reaching behind the first row of purses found immediately said Gucci bag.  The price tag read $25.  She didn't wish to start a competition and though she has since worn said Gucci in the other woman's presence called no attention to either her own purse or that of the Coach variety. 

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