Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ah, the Joy of Doing Laundry!

No, I am not being sarcastic though the title makes me grin a little. 

Two weeks ago and for much time beforehand my children's rooms looked like a tornado rolled its way through their closets and scattered its contents arbitrarily on the floor.  It was impossible to tell the difference between clean and dirty clothes and I found myself many times having to remind myself that I wasn't exactly a perfectly neat child either and that this too would pass.  My kids would trudge off to school in heaven only knows what and I was too exhausted to care.  I was all but allergic to ironing and "laundry day" seemed to drag on into a never ending, all consuming week.  You know what I'm saying - most of us have been there.

But some time ago in a fit of frustration and looking for a positive way to vent I turned my wardrobe upside down and restructured my thinking.  I spent an evening planning outfits and hanging them in order in my closet.  It burned off the frustration of what was transpiring in my life at the moment and I ended up excited about the cool styles I'd be donning all week.  Then last week inspiration hit with a "eureka!"  I taught my daughter the words "fashion diva" and everything changed.  Now hanging in her closet instead of scattered all over her floor and falling out of her drawers are perfectly matched outfits for the next ten days.  Every morning she wakes up feeling like a princess with the idea of "Oooooo!!!  What am I going to wear today?  Will it be pink and graceful or bling and bright?"  And the floor is clean.  Gone are the arguments of "Honey, that shirt has holes everywhere - you can't wear that to school" or "Darling, you wore that yesterday.  It's filthy.  Change into something else, please."  My son's closet sports a similar look - ship shape and slick.  He doesn't bother flinging the contents of his drawer on the floor looking for a clean shirt - he grabs a hanger and dresses. 

How does that effect the miserable chore of laundry?  When the clothes leave the dryer, I am there burning off stress by being creative with my own wardrobe and that of my kiddos'.  Maybe I can pair this up with that, or maybe I can throw something new into the mix by rearranging an old idea.  There is now a perpetual ironing pile but that's okay.  I save it for a night when the kids go to bed early and I need to do something creative to forget stress.  I walk away from it feeling productive, accomplished and creative.  And it helps to feel like you look like a million bucks!

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