Thursday, January 15, 2015

Harmony After Divorce

Sounds impossible, doesn't it?  It's not.

Recently I chatted with a woman who had spent a great deal of time and energy in attempting to befriend her ex husband's new wife.  The new wife had been kind and generous at first but then grew bitter and jealous of my friend's good fortune.  My friend recounted how disappointed she was that they could not coexist harmoniously and just focus on raising the children together.  I felt impressed at the time to tell her that she had done her part and that I was proud of her.  Sometimes that is all the present moment holds - the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part and that you can have peace within your own conscience. 

Some time ago another friend, also divorced, wrote a scripture reference on his facebook status, referring to John 14.  I had long pondered the mansions that await the faithful on the other side and indeed had previously had a dream in which I saw an exquisitely beautiful home which I felt would be my own.  I saw many, many people living and working there.  Were they all my family?  Well, since we are all children of God, are we not all family already?  The scripture reference, my dream, and the fact that this friend was divorced but trying to live in as peace loving a manner as possible led me to consider something I think we either forget or don't realize could be possible.  The innocent children who face life with divorced parents are just as beloved of the Lord as anyone else and certainly they deserve to have a home intact in the eternities.  Impossible?  Consider this a moment.  A massive mansion, filled with acre upon acre of rooms and grandeur, could surely house a righteous child in the middle, a father and step mother in one wing of said palace and a mother and step father in another.   The children would have both parents under roof, and the parents would be able to go forward with their lives in a manner necessary to them.  Upon much prayer and pondering I feel convinced that such a thing could be so if needed and if both parents turn to the Lord and make it to the blissful heights of paradise.  Why not? 

Sometimes it doesn't feel possible in this lifetime.  Maybe it won't always be possible in this lifetime, but when life gets rough and you have to dig deep to plaster on a cordial smile when you really want to strangle the ex, ex in law or what have you, remember that you have a vision in mind.  You have a purpose.  I sometimes think that those who love God and yet have a divorce in their lives, whether that of themselves, their parents or children, have an amazing opportunity to reach further into themselves with heaven as their goal and proceed forward to make the impossible achievable. 

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