Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rate Yourself: Are You a Sexual Expert?

I gaze across the social horizon at the massive industry that pours out XXX rated movies and teach the masses how to exploit one another's bodies in new and unheard of ways.  It is arguably the most profitable trade in the United States, if not in the world.  Everything from whips and chains to magazines and lingerie emerge into the world of pornography, enriching the CEO powers that be.  And as I ponder the leaders and most seasoned of these devilish tempters, a single thought irresistibly arises in my head.


There is a reason that a man or woman addicted to pornography needs more and varying tools, props, and the like.  It is because lustful, self centered, casual sexual relations simply don't satisfy.  It is not uncommon for a pornography addict to reach a plateau in his or her sexuality and them completely lose interest and need something harder and often more grotesque to reach the same state of sexual passion they had before.  Rapists and child molesters do not become who they are overnight, but start small down a road of disappointment (ie: pornography), requiring more and more intense "drugs" to stimulate their systems, eventually leading them to where we find them - behind bars and lost within their own sexual addictions.  

So let's pull the other way and consider, say, a woman who has never engaged in such behavior and has no desire to do so.  She doesn't listen to the crowd; she listens to herself and her own heart.  Rather than viewing a counterpart merely as a piece of meat to be used and thrown away, she loves him, body and soul with a passion and adoration untainted by the shallow, marketable ideas of the world. (But don't worry.  She drools over every last inch of his body with a voracious hunger - that is part of love, people!)  She listens to her own God given sexual instincts and does what feels absolutely blissful without caring about the latest and so called greatest from the outside powers that be.  She thinks and feels for herself instead of having a shallow, unloving, money grubbing company think and feel for her.  Maybe I'm just crazy but to me, a person like that knows more about love, passion, and sexual intimacy on a heavenly scale than all the harlots on the Las Vegas strip.

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