Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Duty to be Hot!

I admire mothers who stay at home with their children, who economize, think of their family before themselves and generally behave like the saintly angels they are.  They take very seriously their duty to raise young children into wise, intelligent adults who can make a positive difference in this world.  It is to these stalwart mothers and also morally upstanding wives that I speak.

My dear ladies, yours is a sacred office to raise children, both boys and girls into exquisite, powerful adults and may God bless you for your efforts!  Part of that responsibility, as I find it, is to teach them what beauty really means and one of the ways we can best do this is to emulate the quality in ourselves as best we can.  We can and should teach that beauty comes firstly from inside, and that a wardrobe can be enchanting, stunning, bewitching, classy and unapologetically beautiful while maintaining self respect and modesty.  We can teach that a woman can eat healthily and take care of her body without eating disorders, unrealistic goals, or pulling the opposite way and letting her body go entirely without any restraint.  We can teach healthy self love by doing the best we can to be healthy and then accepting ourselves for who we are and how God made us.  We can embody the principle of thrift by being wise and discerning in what clothes we wear and where we buy them.  I find some of the coolest clothes in my wardrobe come from thrift stores.  We can show that we value ourselves and can express ourselves in attire without having to follow the crowd and ever be on the cutting edge of fashion.  We can express our own creativity fearlessly without having to follow a mold.  The world will teach them differently.  The world will teach them that they have to rebel against the set rules that parents generally set.  How differently will they hear such things if they are already encouraged to express themselves in ways that are modest and morally strong?  

We can teach them to honor themselves and their bodies by honoring our own.  My children think it quite amusing to play with my belly dancing skirt.  They know I practice it at times, but they also know that I do so in the seclusion of my room or if in a class, they know I am more than modestly dressed whilst I practice it publicly as a student in a classroom usually filled with only women.  They know I hold it as an art form first and foremost and not as a way of begging for sensual attention.  I myself think of it as a workout and a form of meditation.  They sometimes join me in practicing yoga and through it learn not only the beauty and grace of the human body but also the fact that we need to reverence it and treat it as a temple.  This is a perilous world and need to be proactive in teaching a proper appreciation and taste in beauty and relationships.  May God's love and blessing go with you as you seek to uplift and teach these precious souls in your charge!

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