Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Inside an LDS Temple

I know many people including myself have described and discussed much of what doctrinally happens inside a temple, so I will refrain from so doing at present.  Today I'd like to take you inside the feeling of a temple of God and let you know what happens on more of an emotional and spiritual level than we generally find on the internet.

Firstly, let's begin with preparation.  As many are now aware, not just anyone, even just any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, can walk into a temple.  It begins with two interviews concerning one's testimony and worthiness, first with the bishop over one's ward (congregation) and then with the stake president who is over about eight or nine wards in a set area.  Assuming we pass both those interviews, we can now enter into the doors and past the foyer of the temple.  

My first experience and thought when I entered the temple was one of sheer, blinding light.  As I walked past the front desk and into the major part of the temple itself I found everyone smiling and dressed in white.  Since everyone wears simple, modest white clothing and excessive jewelry is strongly discouraged there were no distinctions between rank or wealth.  I remember feeling an initial rush of power and peace as I entered and which still makes itself manifest no matter how many times I visit the edifice.  Although I am not necessarily at liberty within my own conscience to outline what one learns in the temple I will say this.  A person will get nearer to God and gain an appreciation of him or her self by going to the temple than by any other way of which I am aware.  The first thing that happens, essentially, is that you find yourself blessed in every aspect just for having made it in the doors.  You are regarded as a son or daughter of God with divine potential and a powerful spiritual identity and purpose.  You learn of your spiritual destiny and refocus on your eternal direction.  I know of no better way to develop or progress personally than by visiting the temple and learning those beautiful, heavenly truths about yourself and your relationship with God.  

Although I have been to the temple on very busy days I have never found anyone in the temple to be uncomfortably rushed.  Time seems to stop and patience and order reign.  All who enter worthily recognize that this is where they ought to be and will take the time to lay aside worldly cares to be there.  I have never known of contention among those who work inside the temple, and we greet each other with fellowship and friendship.  I have rarely if ever seen a temple worker out of sorts or short of temper.  Heated argument simply doesn't exist within those walls.  As many know, we change from our street clothes into white temple appropriate clothing upon our arrival and it is a breath of fresh air to literally step away from what binds us to the world and put on clothes the color of cleanliness and purity.  I often take a moment to pray when I first change into my flowing, floor length dress and thank the Lord for giving me that break from the world, and as one might imagine, after I have spent much time there it can be very difficult to bring myself to leave. 

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