Thursday, March 5, 2015

Monster at the Mountainside

Rough, darkened blaze lashed at my feet
I walked through tortured earth
Surrendering my vanished hopes,
Accepting hellish dearth. 

I strode like one from nightmare’s grasp
Who struggles in her sleep
In darkened, bound, benighted chains
Pinned to a mountain steep

There, one great monster o’er the sky
Guards jealously his spoil,
Proclaiming dev’lish, sinful right
Around my body coil

His blandish weapons, tightened harsh
Against my aching skin.
I struggle hard to no avail
He strives to enter in

My flesh and keep me his own prize
I fight but all in vain.
Is all life lost?  I wonder, ill,
Confus├ęd from the pain.

I plead for mercy, God above
Lends strength but not rescue.
Here still I pray and fight my best
Against the dismal hue

Of blackened soul who holds me fast
Within his tightened grip.
I strive for rest, I look for sign
Of iron hands to rip.

But still no light appears before
My weary, weakened eyes
In hope despaired, love bows its head
In anguished pain and cries.

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