Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weeping in Darkness

I wander lost among the thorns of life
Striving upward glances to the sun
Finding all my strength forsook, my hope
In faded dreams and heart’s faith wholly gone.

In this I find my troubled way in steps
More painful than I erst could think to bear.
I stretch unto my God for hallowed grace
But find my footing wet and slipping there.

I curl into the black embrace of arms
Round huggĂ©d knees, my hands reach o’er my face.
I hide in this my dark, benighted frame
In shield against the winds and hot disgrace

That eats my soul, infesting in my skin.
No gentle plea to heaven softens this
Deep aching, thus I reach out to the world
And strive to pain become at length remiss.

In giving up the life that held me fast
I blissful find myself with God at last.

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