Monday, April 13, 2015

Celebrating the Body

When I gaze across the wild, fast paced world in which we live I see so much of people seeking to gain more, get more toys, chase after new ambitions and the like.  In our cyber based, high tech world, sometimes we forget to communicate with ourselves and pull our focuses on what will ultimately give us greatest joy - ourselves and God.  A person with a strong relationship with themselves and a strong relationship with God can handle virtually anything this world lashes out at them, whereas a person who depends on others and material objects and honors will inevitably prove miserable at every turn.

Since my introduction to post traumatic stress and even before I have found meditation and self communion highly gratifying and purging, and one of the most powerful ways to draw from inner strength is to stop and sink into meditative gratitude for what you have already - your body.  For those who have never stopped to do so, and I do know a few, or for those who are seeking new venues, a few of my favorites include yoga, weight lifting, dance and more particularly belly dance, which is primarily a form of meditation glorifying the female body as divine and crafted by God. When we employ exercise to strengthen our mind/spirit/body connection the results can be amazing not only to the body but the stress level and general happiness.  

What of those who cannot work out?  Not a problem.  Often when I am alone at night I will meditate and take my focus to each part of my body in turn, thanking God for my heart, lungs, bones, muscle, what health I do have, and lapse into gratitude for the God given femininity in my heart, mind, spirit and body, and I am more than sure the same could be done in terms of masculinity.  I give gratitude for the ability to have the feelings of a woman, including compassion, gentleness, patience, long suffering, nurturing, and purity.  Masculinity might include protectiveness, the ability or natural desire to provide, strength, stability and the like and in truth proves equally beautiful and a fitting compliment to its counterpart.  I give gratitude for the moments of feeling good, whether it be feeling the wind brushing my skin or the ease of my body resting on the couch or bed, or any other momentary good feeling.  I find gratitude for the ability to be a female, capable of sacred sensuality, capable of feeling like a woman in nurturing children, cooking delicious food, being a supportive, compassionate friend and the like.  I bask in the gifts and opportunities God has given me and recognize that to Him, my body is a holy and innocent temple.  

And you treat your body like a temple.  Most people who know me know that I do not eat unhealthy food.  Why?  My body is a temple and I seek to keep it pure.  When we fill ourselves full of unhealthy food it shifts the way our bodies and minds work.  It makes us less spiritually powerful, less able to reflect and deeply enjoy the quiet simplicities of life and adds more stress and worry than we really need.  I have taught my mind and tongue to enjoy healthy food and for the most part I have learned to not even miss death by chocolate brownies.  

While the culminating beauty of the physical body is the act of sexuality, I treat that give idea with honor and respect as well.  When we give ourselves away wantonly we injure our spiritual power, the sacred nature of who we are and sell ourselves for that which will never ultimately satisfy.  Aren't we worth more than that?  Isn't love, eternity, joy and soul wrenching passion worth more than that?  Doesn't it make sense that we ought to craft and cultivate our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits that when we come to that sacred and beautiful act, we give ourselves as an exquisite offering on the alter of sexuality to our beloved?  And doesn't it make sense that there is nothing in this world that feels so good as to be worth lessening that greatest of all physical joy? 

So celebrate your body, just as it is.  Celebrate the spirit, mind and heart God has given you.  Take a step away from this quick paced, reckless world and bask in the light of your own divine nature and your relationship with God, for when we do we find that no matter where we are or what we are doing, we can always be squarely in our own haven of peace.

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