Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So You Want to Build a Custom Home?

As I ponder the job related work of my life I can't help but lean my chair backward, kick up my feet and grin.  I can easily conjecture the stage a house development literally blindfolded, as each stage in construction has its own smell that I have learned by heart from my infancy.  I recall walking to college one day and stopping short, sniffing the air and exclaiming, "There is a very large building in the framing stage around here somewhere!"  I proceeded to follow my nose, which led me, sure enough, to an apartment building under construction in the framing stage.  I am profoundly well acquainted with many of the ins and outs of custom construction and have a few friendly words for anyone who would like to build their dream house.

Firstly, as I have often told clients and prospective clients, you will need two things in order to build a custom home.  You will need a good contractor and you will also need a good shrink.  They laugh when I say this.  How little they know!  Before you begin to build your mansion, let me give you a few points to bear in mind.  The first is that your builder may not be as insane as you think.  I can speak at least for Golden Star Properties, Macoyosh Builders and Sanctuary Custom Homes, all of which find their field of work in Southern Arizona,  Secondly, you may say that you have built a semi custom home or other type of home.  My friend, that isn't a custom home.  Typical homes are made, as we have a tendency to say in this industry, with Legos.  Neighborhoods where you find the same house built multiple times over are nothing close to neighborhoods that exclusively allow custom homes.  Those repeatedly built houses have pieces as it were that snap together like jigsaw puzzles and the workmen can build the same house over and over in their sleep.  A custom home, however, is a new and exciting piece of livable art.  Never before has anyone built your dream house and never has anyone built on your special, perfect, individualized piece of ground.  Feel free to hold your breath in awe as our master specialists and craftsmen take your ideas and desires and get to work.  It may not move smoothly; there may be bumps and twists - that is fairly normal.  It isn't easy to build a custom home.  If it were, everyone would do it.

We often say that building a home is the test of a marriage.  I have seen so many fits of yelling, arguing, and even eventual divorce because two people can't get it together enough to agree on all the nitty gritty details of their home.  We allow our clients to customize everything from flooring to doorknobs to green building and more, which prospect can prove pretty dizzying to those who have never done it. Even with my background I confess I was nervous when I built my own house.  There were two moments specifically that had me cringing with fear.  The first was when I saw my walls.  At first glance, I swear that wasn't the color I picked.  It grew on me and now I enjoy it but when I first saw it the sheen was more than my eyes could handle.  It was indeed what I picked but color swatches are different from a whole room and it came as a quick, initial shock.  The other moment was when the cabinets were delivered and I received an overwhelming terrorizing idea that they were going to clash with the imported travertine I had ordered for my floor, even though I had compared the two and they worked perfectly well together.  But when I saw the knotty alder cabinets finally in the house all was well - they were beautiful.  

So kick back, buy some sedatives for you will need them, enjoy the ride, and delight in your new, personalized, gorgeous custom home! 

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