Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Bridegroom

Thousands of years ago, recorded for our day in the Old Testament, prophets foretold a time of chaos in which good would be called evil and evil good, when the child would behave proudly toward the parent, and the lies of the destroyer would run rampant throughout the earth.  I look at the moral state of this society and find echoes of those prophecies in living reality all around us.  Confusion reigns, homes become broken in alarming statistics, and gender roles find themselves horribly mangled.  Today society would also teach us that men are unimportant both to a woman's happiness and a child's upbringing.  Media would indoctrinate that a woman can get along perfectly well without a stable patriarch in the home and in this uproar of false doctrine, coupled with the severe attack upon marriage as a holy institution, what is a single woman to do?  
I have long meant to write this post, especially since I visited the temple some weeks ago and felt much impressed to focus upon this subject.  Firstly, let me unequivocally state that men prove exceedingly necessary in a home.  The man is not complete without the woman, nor the woman without the man and in a situation in which children exist the need for stable masculinity proves especially dire.  Secondly, as I sat in the temple I felt a strong reminder of something I have known for a very long time.  Having a patriarch in the home is of such vital importance that God would not have any righteous woman to be without the influence of one.  As we find many righteous women who through no fault of their own prove single, how can the Lord see to it that all are protected with this quite necessary masculine influence?  The answer kept repeating itself in my mind throughout my time within the sacred temple walls.  The Savior Jesus Christ is known by many names throughout the Bible, including the sacred calling known as the Bridegroom.  The light and influence of Jesus Christ can and does reside in those homes of righteous, valiant women who have no other masculine counterpart. 

I love the many references in the Bible, all of them tender and loving in nature, that describes the importance of Christ as the Bridegroom.  His influence bridges gaps in our spiritual understandings, corrects misguided ideas, and exalts the woman who falls under the shadow of His compassionate patriarchal mantle.  The Atonement and His perfection can make up for what a righteous woman loses in her lack of having a stable and righteous man in her life.  I have known many situations in which a woman in fact is married, but is married to a man who in some manner or other proves himself dishonorable or wicked, and I have heard the ladies' testimonies that they could feel the influence of the Lord acting as the Bridegroom to lend them peace and create a much calmer, sweeter atmosphere in the home than she could have possibly created alone.  We were meant to work together, man and woman.  Both prove necessary and valuable in their differing capacities, whatever this wicked world may attempt to teach. 

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