Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Financial Worth of a Mother

Eight years old found me an entrepreneur of sorts.  I conducted a sophisticated business of buying old and worn toys cheaply, fixing them and selling them at a much higher price at yard sales.  They went like hotcakes and I remember strolling back through the front door happily counting a fistful of well earned green.  As my mother also stands at the head of a very lucrative business I have from an exceedingly young age thought of a mother as a multitasking working mother.  She proves so excellent with financial matters and placed me as financial executive in my early twenties that I probably unconsciously thought of motherhood as something tied to money and earning a living.  The idea of quitting my job to stay home all the time frankly never quite dawned on me in full reality and I considered my work as part of taking care of my children since it helped pay the bills to support them. 
I have of late considered more deeply my feelings regarding finances and motherhood.  I confess when I look deeply I find I have in some manner pondered what the worth of a mother might be with some trepidation.  Some moments in my personal history have had me wondering, in fact, if we women really are weak and kept at home because we are fit for nothing better.  Perhaps my efforts at raising my children were not as glorious and important as I would like to believe.  But God saw fit to show me a bit more of life than I perhaps wanted to see and it changed my perspective dramatically. 
I saw in other people's lives children being yelled at incessantly.  I saw children wanting desperately to give affection to their parents and being denied and degraded in return.  I saw homes that reeked of continual, unruly contention not only between children but between husband and wife, parent and child.  I saw the injury in these poor children's eyes and I wanted nothing more than to hold them close and wipe away their tears.  And then it dawned on me.  What is the worth of a mother?  What is the worth of a real mother who speaks gently, loves tenderly, reproves only for the child's own good and not out of her own uncontrolled temper?  What is the worth of a mother who puts her own agenda and her own pride aside and really listens to what her child says?  What is the worth of a mother who gives her children rules and sticks to them even when her children become angry and throw fits?  What is the worth of a mother who leads by example in Christlike kindness and service to others?  What is the worth of a mother who respects her body, strengthens it by exercise, eats healthy food and teaches her children to do the same?  What is the worth of a mother who pays attention to the ills of the world and instills in her children the self respect and strength to overcome the trials that await them?  What is the worth of a mother who often kneels in prayer and faithfully does her best to serve the Lord under all circumstances?

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