Friday, June 5, 2015

Meditation Interrupted

We all know only too well the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  We know how stressful our deadlines and responsibilities can prove.  We know that many duties in life are necessary, important and require our attendance.  What we often forget in our daily struggle is that the need to take care of our minds, bodies and spirits stands as vitally important as well.

I write this late at night, waiting for my children to finally doze off that I might without distraction continue the meditation I started shortly after their bedtime.  I don't seem to always have the time to turn the focus inward to take care of Michelle but as today was particularly wild and exhausting, tonight will be the night.  As I wait for little ones to drop into slumber I munch on shredded wheat, which is truthfully my way of showing love for myself.  I love and cherish my body and treat it like a temple by filling it with healthful food and keeping out those things (donuts) that would lead me to regret and eventual sorrow.  We show our self love by treating our bodies right.  Today I also performed one hundred squats and a hundred training push ups.  Not a massive workout for me but still it helped me center my mind on treating my own person with respect and appreciation.  As the children brushed their teeth and readied themselves for bed I blissfully indulged in some Argan oil on my face as well as oil from the "flower of the gods" on my arms and neck, sinking into the calming scent that ties in so well with meditation and quietude of mind.  And I write.  I write because it soothes me; it always has.  I begin each morning in asking the Lord what He would have me consider for that day and asking for His guidance and protection in all things spiritually and otherwise.  He answers me every time and provides for me spiritually, emotionally and in every other manner with an extraordinarily miraculous hand. I thank Him for the ability to think and feel.  I thank Him in the quiet hours of the night for all the gifts He sends to me.  I enjoy the feelings of gratitude I have and long to progress further along the course He has appointed.  I appreciate and thank Him for the gifts of femininity, of the ability to be gentle toward myself and others, and for all the distinctive joys and pleasures He affords me.  I sometimes meditate at night with incense but today the flowery scent that both my kids love radiating from my skin proves sufficient aromatherapy and I may incorporate yogic melodies and rhythms instead.

How you decide to meditate may prove somewhat different, and indeed, my own forms of meditation vary significantly based on what I feel I need, what trials the Lord in His tender kindness affords me, what tools and settings I have around me, and the like but the constant truth stands firm in any situation.  Remember that you need time to cherish yourself, to commune with your God and to fill your life with a greater sense of peace and light.  Blessings be upon you, my beautifully made and eternal friend. 

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