Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Uh oh! Am I in Trouble?

Well hello, my gentle reader.  I thought it might prove amusing and stimulating to invite you behind the scenes in my life as a blog writer and to invite you to throw out your intellectual opinion in an ongoing battle I have been having.  Those who often read my blog understand that I have a rather different manner of viewing the world, which generally centers around the idea that we are all here to grow, progress and help each other back to God.  

One of my very faithful email correspondents would like to throw a wrench into my way of thinking in one particular.  He believes I am terribly misguided in the idea that a woman can and should help a man to become closer to the Lord, kick off his bad habits and ultimately reach his fullest potential.  He believes that a righteous woman is so precious, so beautiful and so exquisite a gift from God that a man should have to already be a shining example of godliness in order to win her.  He believes a righteous woman ought not waste her precious time trying to uplift a man who has been stained with sin and vice.  He believes that a good woman is an ethereal reward from God to a man who has already proved his metal without her help.  Although I see his point and highly appreciate it the realist in me recognizes that men are not perfect, men are quite human, and that a good woman ought to understand that, be understanding of his faults and dig into her store of patience to help him be the man she knows he can eventually become. 

So who is right?  Or are there valuable and accurate points on both sides?  Perhaps you already have this figured out and we are both wrong?  Feel free to comment, message me, or (my favorite) respond privately to etherealliving@yahoo.com. 

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