Thursday, June 4, 2015

When Your Significant Other Leaves You

Heaven only knows why I feel so thoroughly, overwhelmingly, powerfully impressed to write this post.  I feel as though heaven is all but pushing me to write in this manner and I find myself gazing upward wondering why in the world God has decided I ought to pen such words.  I can only assume that someone out there needs this message and the Lord has turned to me to toss it outward.
I have known many situations in which a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse leaves their counterpart.  This occurs for varied reasons and every situation proves different.  They leave for different reasons - some justified and others not, but each person in said situation has a choice of how to handle it.  I have known a man abandoned by his wife choose to throw his life and faith away and treat their mutual children with contempt.  I am sorry for the pain his ex wife caused but I am more sorrowful by the damage he inflicted on himself.  I have known a woman whose husband committed adultery and then left her for another woman.  I watched in compassionate sorrow as this poor woman chose, instead of standing with quiet dignity, to berate and verbally abuse her ex husband for years thereafter, poisoning virtually everyone she could against him and taking offense when other people saw merit of any kind in him.  And yet I could see in her eyes that she really wanted him back.  I have rarely met so deep an example of sour grapes in my life.  And I can't help but wonder if she understands that if she really does want him back, is she going about in the right way to accomplish her desires?  Let heaven judge; I just work here.
My friends, bad things happen.  Life is filled with sorrow and trial.  We can turn to anger, or we can choose to turn to God.  He will never lead us down the everlasting dark downward spiral of self pity or contempt for another human soul.  He will lead us upward at all times though we may not always understand His way and beautifully intricate and eternal reasons.  When we turn to anger and hatred, we do not walk away triumphant.  All we do is illustrate our own weaknesses and as I have often observed, the other person through their deep and heartfelt repentance generally comes off happier than the one who chooses to cling to injured feelings.  My dear friends, with all the love and compassion in my soul let me plead with you to recognize that there is a very large world out there with new horizons and fresh perspectives.  Let go and look up.  Bask in the joy of your life and use that precious energy to walk toward happiness rather than hammering on the negative behavior of others.  My God bless you as you do this and may He lead you to worlds of light and a life of splendor!


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