Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Tribute to Divorced Parents

I can hear the gasps of shock already and the outrage of some honest people, thinking, How can she want to give a tribute to those horrible parents who wreck their innocent children's lives by divorce!  For shame!  Firstly, please allow me to point out that there are a great many divorcees out there who find themselves once again single or perhaps remarried due to abandonment or abuse.  Secondly, God sees all and it is neither your job nor mine to judge the circumstances of someone else's divorce.  Period.

I honor married couples.  I really do.  I appreciate how hard mothers work to care for their children and revere the sanctity of marriage.  But placing marriage isn't my focus today (incidentally, I am planning that for sometime later this week - stay tuned!).  I want to honor those who have something of a rough road to follow.  Parents of broken homes hold a perspective wildly different from the traditional one and I cannot help but think that those who find themselves in this position, especially through no fault of their own as indicated above, are very special spirits who God has decided to teach in a powerful and earth shattering manner.  While those wonderful couples who stay together may at times find their children exhausting, frustrating, and may sometimes lose their temper, a parent of divorce is often much less likely to do so.  Why?  Because they know that their time with their adored little one is quite limited.  Because they have to continually experience what no parent should ever have to taste.  They know only too well the anguish of having their children legally wrenched from their arms by someone who very possibly has hurt them more than anyone else in this world.  They repeatedly have no choice but to hand their greatest treasure to the person they often trust the least in this world.  They have to swallow back their own pain, anguish, betrayal, and loss and plaster on an encouraging smile when their children express their love for the man or woman who destroyed their trust and happiness.  They have to endure the countless quiet nights in an empty home, knowing that either their children are in an unsafe environment or perhaps in an environment they love very much and which entirely excludes themselves.  

And yet they carry on.  I can't help feeling God's love for these stalwart parents and I honor those who strive to provide the best they can for their children in a way that money can never buy.  I honor those who swallow their hurt and pride to remain on as positive terms as possible with the other parent for the childrens' sakes.  I honor those who give their all in teaching their child right from wrong because they know that in the child's other home lawlessness and moral chaos may preside.  I appreciate those who take full care of their children due to their spouse's complete abandonment of themselves and the children they helped to create.  These are deep trials and I cannot help but think that all of heaven must honor these good people who have to fight a battle that proves so devastating that it makes the pillars of eternity tremble.  My blessing and my respect to all those who daily struggle through the fight.  May God lead you forward, upward, and into a haven of peace for you and all your family at last.

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